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Lead-acid Conversion to Lithium Battery Commercial & Utility ESS Residential ESS Small Power E-cigarette Consumer Electronics

Lead-acid Conversion to Lithium Battery

BATTSYS provide solutions for low-speed vehicles(such as golf carts) and industrial applications(such as forklifts, aerial work platforms and floor cleaners), significantly increase efficiency and extend uptime while maintainsafety and minimize costs.
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Commercial & Utility ESS

BATTSYS Commercial & Utility ESS are equipped with LiFePO4 battery, use modular series design to achieve compact size, light weight, and standardised module embedded design, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient. With advanced BMS (Battery Management System) and high-performance equalisation technology, the system ensures high safety and reliability of the overall operation, providing a stable and efficient energy storage solution for your industrial and commercial power consumption.
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Residential ESS

The Residential ESS is a system that converts renewable energy (such as solar energy and wind energy) into electricity and storage, so as to provide supply when the power is insufficient or cut off.
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Small Power

BATTSYS small power battery has good high-temperature storage performance, and the waterproof level can be designed according to customer needs to meet application of various scenarios.
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BATTSYS has been deeply engaged in R&D and production of E-cigarette battery for more than 10 years, specially in 3 min. fast charge and long cycle, and mass production in the end market.
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Consumer Electronics

BATTSYS consumer electronic battery have the characteristics of high space utilization, high energy density, and long cycle life, and are widely used in personal care, health monitoring smart equipment etc.
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