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Guangzhou Battsys Co., Ltd (NEEQ:837375), was founded in 2006, which is a join-stock high-tech enterprise engaging in ODM and OEM , specially for customized and diverse research&production of lithium-ion battery.

BATTSYS owns "BATTSYS" and "FULLRIVER" brands, product types including Steel shell cylindrical Li-ion battery, Pouch cylindrical Li-ion battery, Pouch square battery, Pouch ultra-thin battery , Energy storage battery ,Lead-acid conversion to Lithium battery and Small power battery.

BATTSYS annual production capacity is tens of millions battery cells. The products are exported to dozens of countries & regions such as Europe, America & Asia etc.

  • 2006

    Year Since

  • 40000m2

    Production Base

  • 200+

    Product Type

  • 15%

    R&D Input

  • 53+

    Exclusive Patents

  • 80%

    High Export Rate

R&D Innovation
R&D Innovation
R&D System
Battsys R&D system covers the development of new materials and new process, battery cell and battery pack products, as well as sample trial production and testing validation. Combining market demand and the latest technological trends in the industry, we focus on the development of technologies such as ultra-thin, ultra-fast charging, ultra-long life, high energy density, high safety, wide temperature range, and balanced battery matching, to create an excellent product series.
Technology and Product Roadmap
ake product quality and system safety as the top priority, Battsys continue to pursue technological innovation in product research and development and electrochemical systems.
• Consumer Battery, Since 2006
Power Battery, Since 2010
• Energy Storage Battery, Since 2010
• E-cigarette Battery, Since 2013
• Sodium-ion Battery, in the small-batch verification
R&D Investment
Battsys R&D investment accounts for 15% of sales amount, and the R&D team accounts for 20% of employees. The area including electrochemistry, materials science, electronic technology, mechanical automation and informatics etc., and has established industry-academia-research cooperation with universities.
Advanced Production

On-line collaboration

Process automation

Production line automation

Automatic defect recognition

Strict workshop environment requirements

Clean workshop

Full process particle control

Central temperature & humidity control


MES system, production execution and traceability

ERP system, enterprise resource management

Storage logistics

Flexible transport based on demand

Platform Collaboration - Globally Accessible

Quality Guarantee
Raw Material Quality Control

• Key material key characteristic control

• Powdery material metallic contamination control

• Metal raw material metallic contamination

• Supplier audit

Process Quality Control

• Workshop dust inspection and control

• 100% automatic sorting of key quality characteristics

• SPC control of key quality characteristics

• Critical quality characteristics early warning line control

Finish Product Quality Control

• Short-term quality planning and control before MP

• ORT test

• Annual product certificate

lithium ion manufacturers Battsys
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Tel: 0086 20 3901-1403

Address: No.3, Dongli Road, Xili, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China

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