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Customized Service
BATTSYS is dedicated to providing ODM and OEM services for lithium battery solutions, specializing in CUSTOMIZATION to meet customer unique needs. With rich experience and advanced technology, we can offer high-quality and reliable lithium battery products and customized solutions. Whether battery design, manufacturing or testing, we can provide comprehensive services to meet various customer needs.
Technical Support
Driven by Customer Needs
BATTSYS provide deep customization services based on customer requirements for application scenarios, product characteristics and so on. The customization scope includes size ,voltage, capacity, internal resistance and BMS parameters etc.
Provide Solutions
BATTSYS has a professional laboratory and product development team responsible for the development of new products. Before determining the final plan, users and experts can communicate multiple times to ensure that the battery meet market needs.
Strict Delivery and After-sale Service
For customers who require OEM/ODM products, we will strive to solve a series of problems from product delivery to after-sales maintenance. If necessary, the after-sales team will follow the standard process to solve after-sales problems on-site, no matter how far you are.
Customization Principle

Customized orders have a MOQ, and specific requirements are subject to signing the contract. As a long-term co-operation between factories, traders or brands, BATTSYS will provide competitive prices and matching services to customer.

Customized Process



Engineering Validation


Design Verification


Production Validation


Customer Approval



What Did Our Client Say?
Customer from Martine UK
With the increasing demand for lithium batteries, BATTSYS' products still maintain excellent product quality and stable production, proving that BATTSYS is an excellent team worth long-term and stable cooperation.
Tracy CustomersFrom Germany
We found many solution providers for our products, but none could meet our ultimate product requirements until we encountered BATTSYS. They not only met our needs, but also provided very good development suggestions.
Benjamin CustomersFrom Australia
BATTSYS service is really good, even though they are far away in China. When BATTSYS delivered the product, they didn't even have a damaged battery, which was really great.
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Contact Information


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Address: No.3, Dongli Road, Xili, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China

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