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Lithium Cell Consumer Battery Lead-acid to lithium battery Commercial & Utility ESS Solar Energy Storage Battery

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About us What is BATTSYS?
Guangzhou Battsys,was founded in 2006,which is a join-stock high-tech enterprice engaging in lithium-ion battery's R&D,production and sales,BATTSYS owns "BATTSYS" and "FULLRIVER" brands, product types including Steel shell cylindrical Li-ion battery,Energy storage battery,Lead-acid conversion to Lithium battery and Small power battery...
lithium-ion battery manufacturer/factory
Advantages Industry-leading lithium battery energy product and solution provider.
Battsys has 17 years of experience in lithium battery research and development and manufacturing.At the end of 2019,Battsys began to increase its investment in research and development of new products and technologies.The research team has grown from 8 people to more than 20 people.Team members have more than 10 years of experience in battery industry research and development, or graduated from top 100 universities in the world.The current research and development projects include semi-solid batteries, multi-electrode batteries and other products.
BATTSYS has an independent battery laboratory and battery testing production line. The scope of laboratory covers EMC, RF, reliability, safety, failure analysis and component verification, environment protectionWe are committed to providing customers with services such as compliance assessment and verification of product regulations and standards, design and testing of product reliability solutions, product certification and testing, failure analysis and device verification.

We have over 40 research team members from universities around the world. Core members have obtained master's degrees or above from the top 100 universities worldwide. Their unique innovative thinking and persistent research and development spirit provide impetus for the development of new projects.

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Tel: 0086 20 3901-1403

Address: No.3, Dongli Road, Xili, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China

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